The background of the founder:

  • started meditating 30 years ago
  • promoter with my label 33 Expressions
  • attended several vipassana 10 day silent meditation retreats
  • started practicing Qi gong 10 years ago
  • started practicing yoga 14 years ago
  • 1-3 hours of daily wellbeing practice combining different modalities
  • attended over 40 personal growth workshops and retreats
  • studied with a shaman in Australia
  • completed a degree in design
  • artist
  • played music at Southern Oracle. Earth Frequency Festal, Wonderland, The Dreaming, Woodford Folk Festival, Wollumbin Dreaming Festival, Exodus, Secret Sessions, Climate Crisis, Island Vibes Festival, The Lotus Temple, Full Moon Fever & Animal Action Day.

At the age of five my mother said to me “You can help people heal by channeling energy. Ask first that it is for the persons highest good, then bring energy in from the universe through your crown chakra and out your hand to where you wish that energy to flow”. So I started doing hands on healing, then candle meditations and learning about chakras.

I’ve held workshops, classes and taught at different events and retreats, such as Mindfulness Retreat in Bali at the Zen Resort, Bio Blitz a Bob Brown Conservation gathering in the Tasmanian Tarkine wilderness, Wellness Retreat in Penguin, Bentley Blockade a rally to stop csg mining at Bentley, Rainbow Temple in a love and sacred sexuality workshop, Full Spectrum in the Northern rivers, Beachside Yoga Studio in Byron Bay, Three Worlds meditation workshop on the Gold Coast, Island Vibes early morning beach yoga on Stradbroke Island, Earth Frequency in the healing space, South Oracle in the workshop space, Objectify at crystal waters and at a Three Worlds retreat on Stradbroke Island and privately to individuals in Bora Bora – Tahiti, Austria, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan and Nepal.


Bless your heart ☆♡☆ Guy Sohm 🙂