We would love to hear your 3 steps to greater consciousness and spiritual awakening?

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My 3 steps to become more conscious and spiritualy connected.

“1. Daily meditation of at least 20 minutes morning and night is a great way to becoming more connected and conscious. Its been shown to take you into a deeper state of consciousness. A great way to meditate is with continued focus on your breath, in through the nostrils filling up the belly as you breathe in with your belly expanding and then out through the mouth or nostrils with the belly contracting with a balanced amount of time in and out with your breath in a peaceful pattern, you could say like a smooth circle. Catching any thoughts entering your mind and coming back to full focus on breath. Imagin your thoughts are like clouds and observe them coming and going. You can also close your eyes and look up with your attention just above the middle of your eyes. Focus is the key to deepen in this process. Just this practice of meditation alone has lead people to an enlighten state of being. If you’re finding this too hard with the mind wandering, which can take some time to master, another technique you can use is counting each breath. Going back from 20 to 0 and then to 20 again. Then build up to 50 and then 100.

The open heart meditation is a great technique that I practices daily as well, that I really love and bliss out in. 🙂

I highly recommend regular meditation to train the mind to be able to focus. Personally I find 1 hour sittings and up to 2 hours the best, as my personal experiences of deep peace and contentment comes with longer meditations, being of service and connecting with nature. Another experience from longer meditations has been to come into lucid dreaming states.

This practice of meditation helps prepare your mind and nervous system for kundalini awakening, becoming more connected to spirit and body awareness.

2. The purification process is another important step in my opinion on my journey of the Tantric practices. As the body can be seen as a temple, it is great to be mindful of what you consume. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Eat organic and in moderation. By eating slowly you can feel when you are getting full. To avoid over eating, only eat until you feel about 80% full. Over eating takes up extra energy in the digestive system. Water is key to purity and drinking spring water is the best. Tap water has added chemicals which are important to filter out.

3. Practicing Qigong and yoga is a great step in integration of mind, body and soul. A simple and useful technique I’ve found very useful is the kechari mudra, which is done by putting the tongue to the roof of your mouth during your practices. This connects an energy circuit in the body, and bring about a sensation of connectedness between body and spirit, you can do this all the time if you wish.” Blessings Guy 🙂

Please share 3 steps to greater consciousness and spiritual awakening?